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Field Archery

2D target

What Is Field Archery?

Field Archery takes place in woodland or on rough terrain and there may be slopes and hollows etc.
Targets are placed on a circuit in this area (called a course) and competitors move in small groups from target to target.
Each target has a varying number of pegs that competitors shoot from according to the rules of the competition.
Apart from regular practise (usually on Sundays starting at 10:00) there are competitions in regular intervals hosted by the different clubs all over Ireland.

There can be great variety in Field Archery.

Events may vary by:

  • The location of the shooting event

  • The number of targets on the course

  • The type of targets, e.g. circles, pictures of animals or life size models of animals

  • The scoring rules and which pegs are to be used.

  • The distances to the targets, which always vary from one target to the next

The Limerick Yeomen currently shoot mainly at animal paper faces (animal pictures attached to a target carrier or target butt)

Although field shooting is like "pretend" hunting, no archers ever hunt with the bow in Ireland. Furthermore it's illegal !

example for 2D target (paper face on target butt)
If in doubt: the target is the small rectangle NOT
looking like foliage or mud...


example for 3D target

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